Simulator T-Rex 600 – real time mathematical model

simulatorThe term simulation has become a „mantra“ of the modern academic world. Still more and more systems are stimulated before their own realisation. This state is based on the fact, that simulation could provide a lot of helpful information about system’s behaviour without risk of real system damage. The simulation is also necessary part of project Corvus Corax, which is clearly the most complicated Smart Robotic Systems’s project. The building stone of each simulation is a mathematical model. As we mentioned in previous article, the mathematical model is essential part of complex autopilot system development and is important that behaviour of mathematical and real systems should be the most same.

The mathematical model of the helicopter is complicated system of differential equations with a lot of unknown parameters. Implementation of these equations to ROS enviroment provide us the powerfull tool for visualisation of our mathematical effort. In our case, combination of mathematical description and T-Rex 600 CAD model together with ROS and R-Viz creates real-time simulatior, which user can controll by joystick or any other interface, which communicate throught given topic.

The main goal of the next phase Corvus Corax project will be determination of unknown mathematical model parameters based on the acquired flight data. The verificated model then we use for design of various controll systems for real T-Rex 600 helicopter.

First verification flights with real T-Rex 600 were successful realised. More information about it you can find in our next article.

Ján Bačík