Pathfinder – the new generation of intelligent logistics

Autonomous navigation of mobile robots has been the top priority of our team since the establishment of SmartRoboticSystems. Over the past three years, due to a number of projects in the field, whether SRS-bot, sensor superstructure for Škoda Fabia or low-cost navigation system for Parrot A.R.Drone, we have gained a lot of valuable experience with the development of autonomous localization and navigation systems on real platforms. Although it may seem that over the past few months, there hasn’t been much activity in SRS, it is not quite that. Since the summer of 2016, we have been working hard to develop a completely new platform that has allowed us to move forward and apply the experience gained in previous projects in solving practical logistics problems from practice. As a result of our half-year effort we introduce Pathfinder – a mobile platform utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms of autonomous navigation, primarily designed for the needs of intelligent logistics.

Our main partner in this project is the Košice-Šaca Hospital. Our plan is to run the testing operation of the autonomous transport of medical material from the internal hospital warehouse to particular clinics in the summer. The project is currently under heavy development in order to prepare system for the deployment in the hospital environment.

The results of this project will also be presented at The 4th Industrial Ethernet Award, announced by the Organization for the Standardization of Industrial Communication Interfaces. The competition is focused on the development and use of the OpenPowerlink Ethernet industry bus, which is the communication standard of several manufacturers of automation technology. Because the Pathfinder is completely built on B&R industrial components communicating over OpenPowerlink bus, we believe that Pathfinder is the ideal candidate for this competition.

More information about this project soon …

Ján Bačík