About us

SmartRoboticSystems is a small team of young robotic developers from eastern Slovakia . We spent a lot of time building and controlling all kinds of robots during our studies but since we discovered possibilities of ROS, all our effort is oriented this way.

The main goal of this web is to popularize ROS platform in our region (Czech Republic and Slovakia), to explain the possibilities of whole ecosystem, attract students to robot programming and potentially build a local community of robotic developers.

Ján Bačík

I’m a PhD student at the Department of Electrotechnics and Mechatronics at Technical univesity Kosice Slovakia.

My first robotics experience is dated back to my early high school studies, when I started to build first line-followers for local robotic competitions such as Istrobot and Robot Challenge. I’ ve achieved several prizes in those competitions.

My dissertation thesis deals with development of unmanned aerial vehicles – the topic which combines knowledge of several areas including aerodynamics, mathematical and 3D modelling, sensors, data fusion and advanced system control.

Programming languages and frameworks most frequently used:


Mail: jan.bacik.2@tuke.sk

František Ďurovský  

profilI’m a PhD student at the Department of Robotics at Technical University Kosice, Slovakia. During my studies I experienced many different areas of automation including electronics, PLC’s, drive control or vision systems, but eventually it was robotics that prevailed.

I’m primarily focused on industrial robotics and the goal of my dissertation thesis is to study the possibilities of human robot collaboration in manufacturing processes.

I’ve completely migrated to ROS during 2014 and all my actual projects are based on this open-source platform.

Frameworks and libraries I currently use the most:


Mail: frantisek.durovsky.2@tuke.sk